History: Serving Bhimavaram Community Since 1926

Moyer Memorial Lutheran Church has a remarkable history of serving Bhimavaram student community since inception in 1926 by Dr. Henry J. Moyer, an American missionary to India from 1919 to 1960. It was originally conceived as a student chapel affiliated to the United Lutheran Church Mission High School, which is now fondly known as Bhimavaram Lutheran High School, to provide spiritual nourishment to the student community of Bhimavaram town. It has grown from strength to strength in serving the local community over the last few decades, now offering a church home for over 500 people.

Our Present Church Home

Our Vision of a Future Church Home

Pastor's Plea

Dear Friend:

This thriving congregation has been a living testimony to the saving grace of our Savior Jesus Christ and a beacon of hope for the Bhimavaram community during the 20th Century. Rapidly growing strength of the congregation necessitates a new worship building. Our capital campaign has garnered over 70 per cent of the estimated Rs. 80,00,000 ($175,000) new building cost. We are short by about Rs. 24,00,000 ($53,000) while construction is underway. Your kind gift of any amount  and prayer support is highly appreciated. May God bless your generosity.

Please make checks or demand drafts payable to: Moyer Memorial Lutheran Church, AELC Lutheran High School Compound, Bhimavaram, WG District 534201.

Please send PayPal transfers or Western Union and MoneyGram reference numbers to: MoyerMLC26@gmail.com.

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